January 2019: I spent two weeks with an amazing group of grad students and postdocs who are also interested in improving equity and diversity in academia. The Intergroup Dialogue Project provided us with tools to tackle hard topics, like racism, sexism, and ableism in our communities.

October 2018: I’m honored to accept a Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences! I’m excited to have the opportunity to discover new aspects of enhancer biology. It’s also cool to learn that Kirschstein was an awesome woman in science and the first woman director at the NIH.

August 2018: Eight other eLife Ambassadors and I co-wrote a preprint and correspondence in Nature about how preprints are good for scientists, journalism, and the public.


July 23, 2018: I spent an action-packed two days at ComSciCon Cornell learning about science communication. Thanks to all of our panelists and guests for teaching us about discussing controversial topics, creating narratives, podcasting, social media, and more!Diq-9itWAAAzAwt

January 22, 2018: I’m looking forward to working with other early career scientists this year to improve transparency, rigor, and communication in science through the eLife Ambassador program.

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